Although the nursing pillow is a practical and comfortable tool, it is not essential for good breastfeeding. If your budget is tight, it is quite possible to do without it. If you need support, you can use a small cushion from the house. It is also possible to make your own breastfeeding pillow. Whatever your choice, always prioritize the safety of Baby and never leave him alone installed high on a cushion, whether breastfeeding or not.  

Lansinoh mother care products

Nursing pillow: when and how to choose it?

The purchase of the nursing pillow is not a priority. First, be sure to breastfeed the baby several times, to find the ideal position during breastfeeding. After a few days, take stock of your first habits before investing, or not, in a breastfeeding pillow. If you experience fatigue in your arm or pain in your back when breastfeeding, purchasing may be a good idea.

Nursing pillow: how much does it cost?

Nursing pillows are available in many stores, specializing in maternity or not. Count around fifty euros for a room.

It is very necessary. Spelled, polystyrene or ecographite microbeads, kapok, cork granules, a combined combination, and so forth are examples of materials. Forget about kapok (the traditional material for bolsters and pillows), as well as any other kind of foam, when it comes to your pregnancy cushion. There is no interest. 

Your cushion is not flexible, and after it has been placed on the bed, it sags somewhat. The form of the cushion, on the other hand, will be maintained if the cushion is made of flexible materials such as some grains, cork, and microbeads, for example. The lansinoh mother care products are perfect in this case.

Use of Cereals

Cereals are unique in that they are almost always organic in nature. However, be cautious of the weight and the noise. Check the quality of the microbeads before using them; some are quite near to the toxproof labels, while others are far away from them. Are they devoid of potentially harmful substances? Recyclable? 

Is it washable, and if so, at what temperature? (Lice and tiny creatures of all sizes, including germs, must be washed at a minimum of 60 degrees to be eliminated). Also keep an eye out for flame retardant microbeads, which may include endocrine disruptors and should be avoided. 

Having a combustible cushion (you aren’t going to smoke on top of the cushion or place it on your radiator, are you?) is preferable. So that’s OK) rather than ingesting these drugs. Make sure the microbeads are not flame retardant before using them.

How To Use?

Do you intend to use it only for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, or do you believe you will need it at any point throughout your pregnancy? This will decide whether you need a breastfeeding pillow that is designed only for breastfeeding or a more flexible pregnancy and nursing cushion that may be used for relaxing, adopting postures that alleviate contractions, heavy legs, and headaches, among other things. 

Last Words

Back pain, sciatica, and assisting you in finding a comfortable sleeping posture are all addressed. This multi-functional maternity cushion may accompany you throughout your pregnancy, including delivery preparation courses, if you so want. Practicing sophrology or attending haptonomy courses are two of the most common uses for this item.


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