This is a pretty weird and oddly specific list, which makes me think I might just be hungry. 

Anyway, ice-cream – who doesn’t love it? A sweet, sugary, and chilly treat, perfect for eating on a hot summer’s day to cool yourself down. Ice-cream is probably one of the most universal and popular desserts in the globe, featuring hundreds of different flavors and colors and styles of making. And I’ve never met a person who doesn’t immediately crave this delectable cold treat as soon as they see it, whether this is from someone eating it close to their vicinity, seeing an effective ad on the television, or maybe just stumbling across a picture of ice-cream on their Google searches. 

But sometimes, even the most random and inedible things can suddenly remind us of this nice cold dessert. Have you ever strolled down the street, thoughts churning in your brain, until you come across something and think, Hey, wait a minute – I’ve seen that before. That looks like a mint chocolate chip cone! (No? Just me?) 

So regardless of whether you’re an ice-cream fan or no, here are 3 non-edible things that sometimes look suspiciously like ice-cream.

1. Dyed and Styled Hair 

Now I know what you’re thinking – but no. I am not planning on snacking on someone’s hair anytime soon, thank you very much. 

I’m not saying every type of dyed and styled hair sometimes looks like ice-cream – only very specific, very certain types of dyed and styled hair. Take, for example, Zayn Malik’s 2012 hairstyle with the swoop and the bleached tuft – which went viral for a bit when people started voicing their thoughts over the internet that it looked very suspiciously like a chocolate and vanilla ice-cream cone (see; it’s not just me that’s going crazy!) 

But it’s not just Zayn Malik’s old hairstyles that oddly resemble iced confectionary treats – writers at soompi wrote a whole article likening K-Pop stars’ wild and colorful hairstyles to various types of ice-cream. And yeah, when you put them side by side like that – I definitely see the resemblance. 

So next time you walk into a hair salon hoping for a beautiful and elegant dyed coif, watch out – you might just step out looking like a delightful ice-cream cone. 

2. Stack Lights 

If you don’t know what patlite stack lights in Malaysia are, these are lights that are sometimes connected to industrial machines for the sake of accessing their operational status. The different colored lights are supposed to light up respectively based on the machine they are hooked up to – but am I the only one who thinks that, with those bright lights stacked on top of each other over a round cylinder base, stack lights look a lot like rainbow popsicles? 

I mean, I might just have food on the brain (thanks a lot, growling belly) but the first time I saw stack lights, my mind immediately turned to those multicolored sticks of ice-cream I used to love eating as a child. And even though I don’t plan to get the best patlite stack light Malaysia just to snack on it as a poor ice-cream substitute, I really can’t help but draw comparisons between this industrial tool and the bright rainbow popsicles of my childhood. 

So if you’re looking for rainbow popsicles, don’t accidentally chow down on the top famous patlite stack light malaysia

(But if you are looking for stack lights, you can find out more on patlite stack light malaysia here.) 

3. Christmas Baubles 

Okay, hear me out – there are certain kinds of Christmas baubles that are specifically designed to look like ice-cream. But surely there are some people out there who think ordinary Christmas baubles themselves look like the tops of snow cones? 

This is especially true for the glittery ones. With the shine and the shimmer, I sometimes roll a red one in my hand and think wow, this looks a lot like a frosted cherry-flavoured snow cone; in which the glitter resembles the tiny ice crystals that comprise every tasty snow cone in existence. 

But, you know – maybe I am just hungry. 

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