Like everything in life, the order is really important if you want to extend the life of the utensils, spaces, and furniture of the different areas in our home, especially in the kitchen, since it is well known that we have countless things to store in This space, therefore it is necessary to know what the distribution of the spaces and furniture will be to make the most of the storage in the kitchen, even before its construction, always thinking about the comfort and practicality of each piece.

In today’s installment, we want to give you 5 simple ideas on how to distribute the storage spaces in your kitchen, as well as some secrets to maintaining order and cleanliness.

Let us begin!

Organize your pots in a visible and accessible place

To come up with the best design for your kitchen, you should think about the task of preparing the food. Being so, you will hit the mark when it comes to comfort. The spaces for the pots must be in an accessible place, both to be able to take them and to see them. It often happens that the pots are located in lower cabinets, which are very difficult to see clearly, therefore, we spend more time than necessary looking for the pot or pan we need.

If this is your case, you can opt for removable storage furniture, and so you can with just one movement open the piece of furniture and observe each of the elements located there. Once you’re done, just close it and it won’t take up space.

If you want to maintain the ideal layout, take some time to organize the pots and pans inside the furniture, placing the ones you use frequently more superficially.

eco-friendly reusable food containers

Store your food in containers and external cabinets

An excellent way to decorate your home while storing your food and keeping it clean is to use specific containers for each food. Obviously, food packaging is not decorative and tends to break easily, dirtying the spaces. To avoid this, you can store the rice or pasta, in glass containers or some other material, right in front of the closet, achieving an aesthetic arrangement of each element, it will also be in view when you need it.

For that reason, external cabinets are very practical and decorative, as long as you take advantage of all their functionalities.

Use kitchen containers to sort waste

A kitchen may appear to be clean and tidy, but if debris is in plain sight, it is likely to cause displeasure to visitors. There is no better way to hide them than with furniture containers. In addition, you can classify waste and contribute to the recycling of glass, aluminum, or plastic containers.

Not bad, huh?

Take advantage of the ceiling of your kitchen for storage

This idea is perfect for adventurers who want to take advantage of space, without the need to have large pots or pans cluttering the pantry or island. With the proper installation on the ceiling, you can hang the largest utensils and when you need it you only use a stool to reach them.

Locate the empty spaces

We commonly forget empty spaces for various reasons, but when it comes to saving space and achieving practicality, eco-friendly reusable food containers are perfect for empty spaces that you may have put aside because your furniture pieces were perhaps more spacious. There you can locate any type of utensils or even the food that you want to have on hand.

For this purpose, there are a wide variety of shelves on the market that can easily be adapted to the free spaces you have at home.

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