Your first day at work is probably the most nerve-wracking moment ever. You want to impress everyone but you have no idea how to act. Sometimes it is so nerve-wracking that you even hold back your sneeze. Don’t worry, everyone feels nervous on their first day at the job, however, you must overcome those feelings.

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Here are 5 things that you can do to calm down your nerve during the first day at your new office.

1. Wear something bold and comfortable

Make sure that you are wearing an outfit that makes you look good, professional, and clean. If the company has no dress policy wear a simple blouse with a pair of comfortable pants. It is your first day at work, don’t wear hoodies or sweaters. You want everybody to have a good impression of you but, you also must wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You don’t want to sweat in your clothes from the sweater that you are wearing.

2. Introduce yourself

It is your first day and people do not know you. So, don’t be shy to introduce yourself and make sure that you are smiling. You don’t want your colleagues to think that you are arrogant. When you are introducing yourself, tell them a specific name that you want them to address you. Make it short and easy for them to remember.

3. Settle in your workspace

You will be given your workplace and desktop, depends on your job scope. Look around your workspace and you want to be familiar with it. So, explore the desktop and see if they have a data backup device Malaysia, on the desktop. You can also look around your department and see all of the things there.

4. Ask and write down

There is nothing wrong with asking a question, it is after all your first day so it makes sense that you have no idea what you are doing. So, don’t be shy or afraid and ask the employees there if you have any questions or confusion. Besides that, it is great if you can write down any important notes that they are telling you. Maybe like how to work the system or what to do. This important thing is good to be written down so that you can easily read it back whenever you have any confusion or when you forget how to do certain things.

5. Mingle around

Being at the office means that you will be working in a team sometimes. So, you need to mingle around and know your colleagues. If they invite you to go on a lunch with them, don’t decline them and tell them you are more than happy to go lunch with them. Make small conversation with them and ask them if there are any tips that they can give you. Trust me a friendly employee are better than someone quiet. They will instantly feel connected with you.

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