A pipe is an instrument that carries any substance,from gases, fine particles, liquids and slurries. They can be made by various types of materials, and come in many sizes as well. They look like long cylinders except they have holes in them.

In this modern civilization, you can find pipe systems in every infrastructure. Plumbing systems have pipes that carry water and other liquids to and from the bathroom. Electrical wiring uses the piping systems to reduce the risk of fire and electroduction. Plus, they are for aesthetic purposes as well. Other than that, most factories have piping systems to carry gases that may be harmful to humans if they come in direct contact with it. These are but a few of the many applications of piping systems in this world.

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Piping systems

Pipes are not able to function on their own. They tend to come with other components that may add to their functions. They come with heat exchanges, tanks, pumps and valves. These components come together to make a system that works well and efficiently in an industrialised society

Pipe material

A pipe can only work well if the correct material is chosen accordingly. The existence of different materials denote that they are for different types of applications. Users should ensure that the material of the pipe will be able to carry the substances efficiently, without causing any problems.

Plus, users should also expect wear and tear of the pipes overtime. Pressure and temperature can tremendously affect the pipes. Users should be aware that erosion and corrosion of the pipes is to be expected, especially if they are not maintained properly. 

There are three main types of piping, which includes brass and copper, cast iron and steel. However, it should be noted that these pipes are usually used in power plants. 

Brass and Copper Pipes

These materials are non-ferrous. This denotes that they have almost no amount of iron in them. Materials such as copper alloys and copper can be categorised under the non-ferrous category as well. Pipes of these materials are usually found in water services,  as temperature is not a main factor. 

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Cast Iron

This material is considered to be highly resistant against abrasion and corrosion. But, the downside of this material is that it can be incredibly brittle. So, you can never find pipes made of these materials in power plants. You can however find them in sewage lines, underground water lines and ash handling systems. The materials also come in different grades, which include malleable cast iron, ductile cast iron and grey cast iron. 


This material is frequently used for pipes and piping systems. There are two types of steel: Forged steel and cast steel. Forged steels are usually applied for fittings, whereas cast steel are usually used in special applications only. 

There is a lot more to know about pipes. The information in this article barely touched the surface. So, if you are interested in purchasing pipes, Coppergard Pre-insulated pipe can be found at Syarikat Logam Unitrade Sdn. Bhd.

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