Transition from traditional class learning to online learning has affected the students during pandemic. It can be easy for some and hard for others because you will need advanced gadgets in your house in order to join online classes. And not everyone is fortunate enough to purchase and install all those things.

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But looking from the brighter side, there are actually a lot more benefits of online learning in comparison to traditional class learning. Here are some of the benefits:

1.       Develop new technical skills

Believe it or not, previously people see technical skills as not important but that is what adds value to a person when they are seeking for job placement. Online learning will give you more space and chances to develop those technical skills.

As part of your education, you will most likely be required to use digital learning resources, become acquainted with new tools and applications, and solve frequent problems. Some of the skills can be developed when:

–          Using online platforms such as Google Meet and Skype for online class.

–          Using online sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive to share materials and documents.

2.       Save cost

Online learning will save your cost at the college fees, and transportation. If you are practising traditional learning, you will have to pay for your tuition fees, classroom space, hostels and any equipment you will need to use for learning. With online learning you will only need your mobile phones or laptop and you can learn from your home.

Online learning also will save your travelling cost because if you look back, you will see how much students usually spend for travelling from their home to the college. It can be the cost for fuel or public transport. Even though you will only pay less for using public transport, you will still be using money. So, online learning really saves your cost in so many ways.

3.       Review materials repeatedly

This is actually one of the great benefits of having online learning. Sometimes you can’t catch up with classes especially when you are not feeling well or when your internet is under maintenance. Online learning will make your life easy as you can review all class materials repeatedly as many times as you want.

You have access to online course resources such as videos, podcasts, and textual materials to help you reinforce course topics and theories that you are struggling with. It’s far more convenient to browse among screens, utilize the “find” tool to rapidly hone in on crucial paragraphs, and take online notes to assist you comprehend the class content.

4.       Accessibility

Usually for online class, your teacher will have one specific platform for classes, materials and quizzes. Since it is online learning, you will be able to access your class remotely anywhere and everywhere. Some of the software or applications used by the teachers already have a data backup solution in Malaysia to make sure the class materials and documents are always available online.

Worry not, it is safe to be used by everyone and can be accessed anytime you want. It is easier with online learning as you will be able to access the class materials easily and you will not have to bring your thick, heavy book everywhere you go.

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