Some workplaces are too compact to the point there is no privacy for the employees. Businesses have begun to implement creative design ideas, such as the open-plan concept, to enhance usable space in the workplace. Traditional barriers and partitions are removed in this design to improve efficiency and maximize space. There are a lot of benefits of using an operable wall at your workplace such as space management, various finishes, flexibility and it reduces cost in so many ways.

Selangor operable wall system installation

Space management

Movable walls or operable walls provide an effective space solution for a variety of environments including offices, educational establishments, sporting facilities, dining and entertainment facilities, religious centres and retail areas.

The traditional wall which is concrete or brick walls usually take up so much space and it will reduce the open space.  Traditional walls are also not movable which means, you will have to stay with that space or break it down and build another one at another place.

With operable walls, you can manage your working area depending on your preference and change it if you think that layout is no longer effective.

Various finishes

Having operable walls means that you will be able to pick your own favourite finishes and it varies from fabric materials to melamine materials.

If you want a more colourful wall, you can opt for the laminates finishing because there are few choices of bright colours. If you are into wooden looks, melamine finishing is the best for you. Glass finishing will give you a classy and spacious look.

You can choose any finishing that suits your working environment.


Flexibility is one of the factors of why people prefer to have operable walls than traditional walls. This partition system creates rooms where none previously existed. When you have meetings or conferences, this function comes in useful. Operable walls can give seclusion without fully and permanently blocking off areas that could be utilized for anything else.

Some big companies prefer to use operable walls because it is more convenient than other walls. Flexibility of operable walls is not only for the ability to be replaced but also it can be used for any other purposes. For example, if the company has glass operable walls it can be made as a see-through wall or a tinted wall. Any parts of the space can be the inside and outside of the room.

Reduce cost

Installing operable walls will reduce your cost in so many ways. Installing cost, maintenance cost, and even the cost to reconstruct the whole wall is actually lesser than traditional wall.

 Reconstruction projects are sometimes costly and time-consuming; operable walls are simple to install and cost-effective. This partition solution is designed to be less invasive, allowing your activities to continue uninterrupted while the walls are being erected. Furthermore, its adaptability allows you to rent out more rooms at a reduced rate.

All in all, there are a lot more benefits of using the Selangor operable wall system installation for your workplace that you can find. It eases your space management, offers various finishes, is flexible and reduces cost in so many ways.

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