Have you heard of Dr. Clo with Covid 19? As the world now is slowly recovering from the pandemic that happened, there are so many alternatives that float around about how to encounter them. We all know that just by mask and hand sanitizer is sufficient, feeling safer outside should be the priority of everybody at the moment. We all know how dangerous the virus can be as it can be transmitted from person to person easily, it can stay on the surface for a certain amount of days, and even scarier, there is no total cure of the virus at the moment. No wonder people are busy finding other alternatives to be safe against it.

Introducing Dr. Clo Malaysia, sterilization sticks made by Dr. Yoo. Dr. Clo is a device that is based on Chlorine Dioxide sanitization effects. What this stick does is that it will continuously emit Chlorine Dioxide on the atmosphere and safely eliminate the bacteria and viruses around. How this stick does that? Well, the ingredient of the stick is not necessarily chlorine, but chlorine dioxide. This element is well known for its use in many sanitization agencies. Its ability to suppress bacterias and spreads are hugely use in many sanitization products. The element is only considered harmful when it is exposed to limits that are more than 0.1 ppm. Do not worry, Dr. Clo uses 0.22 ppm. Lesser than the limit and considered safe by the World Health Organization standards. 

Dr. Clo Covid 19

It is said that Dr. Clo sticks were successful in killing trace of Covid 19 airborne and influenza A. A test was made by Seoul National University and now Dr. Clo, Covid 19 fighter, is registered with FDA. It also got approved by the Korean Ministry of Environment. One of the perks that Dr. Clo has is the size of it, which makes it applicable to almost every terrain. You can place it during your day at work, in the living room, refrigerator, wardrobe, and more. Place it in the refrigerator and you can keep the fruits and items fresh! The same goes with the wardrobe where you can expect fresh clothes even though they are kept for a while. Apply it on the bathroom as well to keep the bacteria away and get rid of the bad odor and molds. As Dr. Clo comes with gel-based formula, it is completely odorless and in safe concentrations. This makes it safe to be near children as it is free of carcinogens and fully made by natural ingredients. 

Plus with the aesthetic looks, Dr. Clo, Covid 19 protector, can be a perfect addition to your daily life without bringing any weird look. It comes in so many vibrant colors and you can even make a neckless out of it. Talking about safety and fashion right? Dr. Clo sticks will help you live in clean air, exclude the nasty bacteria and any bad inhibits around. With 99.9% effective sanitization, it throws all the bad elements in the air through the window. After you get your hands on it, make sure to bend the stick to break it, then shake it and place it at your desired spot. The process will take around and it will fully active within 24 hours. Only the best with Dr. Clo, Covid 19 defender, keeping you safe. 

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