Here’s what you might need in this topic, a way of helping to ease the pain that your man is going through due to erectile dysfunction. First of all, we need to see the case of erectile dysfunction. To make it short, erectile dysfunctionality is faced by almost the vast majority of men who have problems releasing themselves once they are aroused or when they are about to be aroused or after getting stimulated. Most of this issue can be solved by preventative methods medication or by just keeping an ice pack on the swelled place. But there are also some severe cases when it comes to erectile dysfunction that needs medical attention, this severity depends on the individual.  Moving forward, we are going to share some tips in helping your man to overcome erectile issues during sex, so, without further ado, let’s jump straight at it.


Performing foreplay during sex is able to help people feel relax. That’s a fact, but how about people who have problems releasing themselves? Well, here’s several ways of how you can  perform foreplay on your partner. 

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Use sex toys

The use of sex toys of able to help your man get in the mood, as much as mood is needed in engaging in sex, the need of ensuring that he won’t squeal in the middle of sex is important as well. So, in order to do that, get adult sex toys with vibrating features. Vibrating sex toys often mimics the movements, which can also be an help of massaging your partner’s genital area such as their penis and scrotum to enhance more blood flow which allow them to release themselves more effectively. If you are opting to get sex toys, then try dildo for men from Secret Cherry that comes with special added features that would help your man.

Dirty Talking

Dirty talking is one of the ways to make things interesting. Remember words are able to influence someone’s actions? Well the same goes here, the dirtier the talk gets, the more it will influence our man to do more, this will cause them to feel more better when you associate words that they might like to make them feel better. Once the mind is feeling good, the body will automatically react to it by helping them to release in a better way.

Perform Fellatio

Performing fellatio is an oral stimulation to the penis. This stimulation is performed with either hand or mouth. Therefore, it is always important to remember that this stimulation is able to cause erectile dysfunction, hence, it is always good to go slow rather than being fast or aggressive, if possible try including sex toys like dildo for men from Secret Cherry or vibrators which is able to provide a massaging sensation while you’re performing the following act. This will help your man to enjoy the stimulation by at the same time helping them curb the erectile issue by allowing them to release naturally with the help of extra pleasure that is being delivered by the dildo for men from Secret Cherry.

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