In Malaysia, there are quite a variety when it comes to internet service providers. Most of the time when people move into a new place or get a new phone number subscription, the most common question would be which internet service provider should they pick. There is Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, Unifi and Time just to name a few. 

How could you check for coverage?

When picking an internet service provider, the most crucial information that you would need to obtain is whether the internet service provider that you wish to subscribe to has coverage in your area. Some internet service providers do not have coverage at certain sites where other internet service providers do.
How do you check these? Let’s use TIME internet as an example, by going to, you would be able to check for the coverage. This applies to almost every internet service provider. This accessibility makes it extremely convenient to check for the coverage before even applying for the internet subscription plan. 

Too many Packages and Deals offered?

When looking through the websites of the internet service providers, you would definitely come across all of their package deals. Sometimes there can be too many or it would seem very similar on the surface with the difference in the price which would tend to confuse you as the customer who does not know the small technical stuff when it comes to the system’s details. Here are some helpful ways to know how to make a choice when it comes to the package deals that they offer. 

  1. Knowing what you are using the Internet for.
  • If you are just playing games, being on social media and doing mild research for any form of work like content writing or documentation, then you would not require a high Internet speed. 100Mbps would be more than enough. These deals usually come with a relatively affordable price. 
  • If you are a content creator or anything of the sorts that require a high download and upload speed, then more than 100Mbps is a good choice. Some packages also offer around 300Mbps which is a relatively decent choice. 
  1. Knowing how many people would be using the Internet
  • If there are multiple users at the same time in your house or workspace, a faster internet speed would be a smart choice because of the amount of strain and the lack of bandwidth that could follow if multiple users share the same wifi with a lower speed. 
  1. Knowing your Financial Status and Income Stability
  • Knowing how much you earn on the monthly is a good way to check if the internet is going to be worth it when placing the cost into the monthly financial planning. If the cost for the internet service would force you to cut down on other necessities such as groceries then most likely the price of the package of your choice is too high. Therefore going for a lower priced package when you do not have a stable income that the cost could be included into the monthly financial planning and cause no disruptions is a smarter choice. 

Multi-platform Application sites

There are sites that cover the application for multiple providers. These sites are convenient in their own way when you wish to do side by side comparisons between internet service providers.  Websites like would help when it comes to booking buses of different companies and also price comparisons. 

As for Internet service providers, Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia is one of the more reliable sources where users could do cross-references between the prices offered by different internet service providers. Which in turn would help the users make a calculated decision when choosing an internet service provider.


At the end of the day, if your internet service provider has coverage in your area and you could afford the package that you prefer, then there is no need to look too deep into it. However being smart with this choice could help in the expenditure of the user and give you a comfortable day to day life. 

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