Thus, you ensure a permanent connection to the network without the risk of loss of activity. In the event of a failure, the main link automatically switches to the backup link and ensures a continuous Internet connection and thus the operation of all the services associated with it (software, ERP, VoIP, data exchanges, etc.). The backup link is therefore an efficient and inexpensive way to ensure the continuity of the services of his company. With Unifi Malaysia, you can have the essential supports.

Unifi Malaysia

In addition, far from only affecting large companies, link redundancy can represent a real asset for SMEs and very small businesses. This is part, especially with the advent of the cloud, of the minimum resources to be implemented to ensure service continuity.

What are the types of Backup links?

For SMEs / VSEs, it may be interesting to subscribe to a 4G offer. Indeed, it is an accessible solution for companies that do not choose to invest in sometimes very expensive connections.

The 4G network combines performance, mobility, and speed of connection and installation. With a speed of up to 300 Mb / s in large cities, the router can be suitable for all types of structures.

However, the speed and services do have had no guarantees on the 4G network.

Wire links: fiber and ds

The wire links can be shared links such as FTTH fiber and ADSL / VDSL.

These offers are offered to both individuals and professionals and are often inexpensive compared to dedicated links. They can correspond to the needs of companies according to their degree of dependence on “DATA”. However, they do not include service guarantees or throughput guarantees, because the exchanges pass through an infrastructure shared between several users.

To benefit from both speed and service guarantees, it will be necessary to opt for an SDSL link or a dedicated Time Fibre.

The company can then take out a continuous flow, as well as service guarantees such as the Intervention Time Guarantee (GTI) and the Recovery Time Guarantee (GTR).

The backup link router can be configured in two ways:

An Active-Passive router: the router does not provide the connection (Passive) if the main link is functioning. If it has a fault, the router takes over directly and goes into Active mode.

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