You’ve just changed your baby’s diaper at home, not at work. They pooped again three hours later, but this time it seeped up and over the diaper’s edge. You change your baby’s diaper, change their attire, and, if you have the strength and the clean-clothes pile is incredibly low, you run the wash. Parenthood isn’t easy. If you are using electric breast pump Malaysia, you could have a lesser burden. In Malaysia, maternity leave is seen as disadvantages by some people however it is a good thing. 

Maternity Leave Should Be Encouraged

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If you or your spouse want to create a family or expand your household with more children, parental leave will be an important element of your work contract. This allows working moms to heal from their pregnancies and bond alongside their newborn infants while still earning a living income.

How Many Days Do I Have For Maternity Leave In Malaysia?

This is dependent on whether you are covered under the Employment Act of 1955 as an employee. This comprises:

Employees in Western Malaysia

  • Employees with a monthly wage of less than RM2,000 Employees who supervise or work in physical labor
  • Domestic workers
  • As a result, the Act stipulates that all female employees are entitled to at least 60 days of paid maternity leave. During this time, you will be paid a “maternity allowance,” which is computed as your regular daily income.

To Be Qualified For This Reimbursement, You Must Meet The Following Requirements:

The worker must have worked for the employer for a total of 90 days in the nine months preceding her confinement time, and she must have worked for her current employer for the four months preceding her confinement period.

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What about workers who aren’t protected by the Employment Act of 1955?

Leave entitlements are normally governed by your employment agreement for employees who are not protected by the Employment Act of 1955. This implies that if your monthly income exceeds RM2,000, you should pay special attention to the terms and circumstances of your employment contract.

Sure, maternity leave is a priceless, life-changing opportunity to bond with and provide for a newborn, but what about time off? Hardly. Maternity leave is demanding. Some women prefer going back to work to the extensive care and time devoted with their infant.

The awful irony is that having vacation days is sometimes the only way to compensate people—especially mothers—while they are away from the office recovering from childbirth or welcoming adopted children, managing their newborns’ health and safety, and bonding with their youngsters.

When Is The Best Time To Apply For Parental Leave?

According to the Employment Act, the worker in issue must notify her employer of the projected date of imprisonment at least 60 days in advance. An employee who intends to quit must, on the other hand, tell her employer of her baby in order to be eligible for maternity leave within the 60-day term.

The Take

However, because most businesses utilize the Act’s conditions as a starting point, you could anticipate equal — if not better — terms when it relates to maternity leave benefits. This also implies that when you join a firm, you should read every provision of your contract carefully, even if you have no ambitions to establish a child in the coming years.

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