Healthcare is one of the industries that is projected to grow very rapidly over the next decade, and physician assistant positions are no exception. The bureau of labor statistics states that medical assistant positions should grow by 29% by 2026, opening almost 200,000 new jobs! If you want to start a career with great projected growth and potential, learning healthcare at the Widad institute may be your first big step!

Program description:

Health care programs are designed to help people learn the fundamentals of health care so that they can perform a wide variety of functions in health facilities. Students at the science foundation malaysia institute in Malaysia have the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills in different categories of healthcare, including:

  • Professional development
  • Patient relations and communications
  • Computational applications
  • Administration of medical offices
  • Anatomy and physiology with medical terminology
  • Clinical competencies
  • Electrocardiography techniques with cpr
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Phlebotomy techniques
  • Clinical practices

These different categories are designed to produce complete medical assistants that can help in almost any medical field. The program was created with several important goals in mind; these are some of the most important:

  • Provide an understanding of human biological systems.
  • Teach the administrative tasks expected of a medical assistant.
  • Train on professional behavior in a medical setting.
  • Practice medical financial management activities, such as billing and coding.

These are just some of the main goals you have to keep in mind for the Widad institute students. Throughout the program, the students have the opportunity to learn a diverse selection of important skills!

A program built for you!

Day and night programming options:

One of the biggest concerns people have when they go back to school is how they will find the time to handle everything. Between school, work, family, and any other obligations you may have, it can be overwhelming. That’s why the Widad institute offers day and night programming options.

This means that you can still handle all your regular responsibilities while building your future at the same time!

Financial aid opportunities:

Navigating the financial aid process can be scary. That is why the financial aid department at Widad institute is here to help students navigate their available financing opportunities. They can help you understand what types of financial aid are available and how each one works, including student loans., subsidies, institutional financing, and scholarships.

External experience

Another way that the medical assistance program can help prepare the students for their careers is by requiring external internships as part of the program. These external internships are an important opportunity for the students to learn in a genuine medical environment. They have the opportunity to experience healthcare for themselves with practical practice.

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