According to Henry David Thoreau, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”  This is why success is always associated with hard work. What about gamblers? Are there also successful gamblers? Surprisingly, based on research there were ten (10) successful gamblers written in History. Browsing through the names, this was a shocking revelation, Richard Nixon, on the ninth (9) spot.

I could not really tell if this is a positive or a negative one. Only a few percentages of the total population in the world would rely on or believe that gambling or going to the casino can make them successful. Probably true if the gambler has great gambling skills. But then, gambling is also a risk. Based on my observation there are two (2) abused words in gambling, one is “luck” and the other is “bad luck”.  I say abused because everyone talks about it, players and non-players. These words become the overused expressions in the place. 

The advent of modern technology encouraged a new breed of gamblers and players. The word casino itself is somewhat intimidating. Why? Some people are under the impression that going to the casino means you need to bring a lot of cash. They probably disregard the role of slot machines.  For fifty (50) bucks you can already enjoy and relax while playing.

Another thing, it has been a culture and common perception that casino goers dress up, the famous coat and tie look!  It’s probably the dress code. Even in Western movies (like Ocean’s Eleven, James Bond films etc.), the lead stars including all other characters are in their bet outfit. While the online casino/gaming/betting reached out to all social classes.

In Southeast Asia, there was an article published about the boom of online casino in the region. Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia acknowledged the growth of online gambling. In the same article, it was also mentioned that there is an increasing demand for online casino in Malaysia. The sites are amazing and updated. Each online casino site provides bonus information and key features. These sites even work on their marketing strategies. 

Regardless of the platform used, there are advantages and disadvantages in an online casino. The most obvious advantage is you can play without thinking of the dress code. You can be in your comfortable shorts or pyjamas. In other words, it is very convenient!  You can play in your house, café, lobby or any place where you can sit comfortably. There are also games that are free unlike in the land-based casino.

Online interaction is also very possible as players from other parts of the world can contend with each other. For disadvantages, one is the likelihood of being addicted. This is even true with land-based gambling. Another thing if the player has issues with internet speed, then playing online will not be beneficial. Another downside is system glitch is also inevitable. 

Online casino is still gambling and has its ups and downs. You may win now but you do not always hit the jackpot.  Check out this casino online Malaysia to enjoy casino games online.

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