A product’s brand and brand image are important aspects of its marketing strategy. The term “range private label” refers to a private label that has been established especially for a product range or category. A product’s brand and brand image are important aspects of its marketing strategy.

Examples of brand architecture in other contexts

The service brand is a business brand that creates values in the context of services such as leisure, renting, banking, and so on.

The brand is a distinctive mark that identifies a unique piece of work. This branding approach is all about pure creativity, a talent rather than a commodity, which is why it is so popular. It is one-of-a-kind and special. This trademark may take the shape of a brand, such as the Chanel label, or it can be something else entirely. Choosing the top branding agency Malaysia is most essential there.

The luxury brand is a direct extension of the company’s overall brand strategy and positioning (example: Dior, Chanel, etc.). The premium brand, on the other hand, did not originally fill customer demand. It is more specifically a social landmark, as shown by goods that may be classified as “emblematic” in nature (example: Louis Vuitton bags).

A business brand that is better recognized in the industrial sector and has gained recognition among the general public is referred to as the industrial brand (B to B).

Marketing techniques for brands

Companies may choose from a variety of brand strategies, including:

Product branding strategy that is independent of the manufacturer

The company logo is either not visible at all or is just barely visible. In this scenario, a distinct positioning strategy is developed for each product label. Communication expenditure is required for each brand under this approach, and the benefits of the parent brand’s image and renown are not available to the subsidiary brands with this strategy.

A product’s brand and brand image are important aspects of its marketing strategy. As an example, the corporate brand Procter & Gamble is being phased out in favor of product names such as Ariel, Dash, Pampers, and so on.

Product branding strategy in conjunction with a prominent corporate brand

In this instance, the corporate brand is the one that promotes the goods and provides the consumer with confidence. Product brands benefit from the image and reputation of their parent brands, which makes communication easier but makes the uniqueness of their positioning more challenging.

Brand stretching

It is a way of conquering a new market by converting the brand to new products to benefit from the position acquired in the basic business.

The brand and the brand image of a product

Example: Virgin, a corporate brand, is available in Virgin Store (store brand) and Virgin mobile (alternative mobile telephone operator).


It consists of a partnership between two or more brands for the development and / or marketing of a product (or service) or a range of products that they register (co-branding). This alliance is based on the complementarity of the skills of the partners or on the search for a synergy effect at the advertising level.

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