open new account for internet banking malaysia

The global pandemic may have highlighted the importance of digital banking platforms, but mobile and internet banking are not new. Traditional banking methods, whether by branch, phone, or ATM, haven’t been particularly appealing in the last year. During a global pandemic, banks limited or closed branch hours, customer service call lines were backed up, and ATMs required you to go out in public. It’s no surprise that many banking customers have opted for digital banking in the last year. Covid-19 accelerated some consumers’ use of digital banking, including those who were less digitally savvy, but even those users discovered that the tools weren’t as intimidating as they had first imagined.

When we talk about digital banking, we usually mean banking on a mobile app via smartphone or banking online via computer. Whether you’re already a digital banking convert or have yet to download your bank’s or credit union’s mobile app, here are some of the best reasons to bank digitally in 2022. Click here to open new account for internet banking malaysia.

  1. Convenience
  • One of the primary advantages of mobile and online banking solutions is the ability to bank whenever and however you want.
  • Our smartphones and computers are typically readily available, allowing us 24/7 account access to quickly complete a variety of banking tasks.
  • Mobile banking apps, for example, allow you to deposit checks from anywhere. At the same time, you can check your balance, transfer funds, and set up a notification to notify you if your account goes into overdraft, all without having to visit a branch. It’s a huge time saver.
open new account for internet banking malaysia
  1. Better features
  • Many banks’ mobile and online experiences are feature-rich.
  • Banks may provide personalised financial advice, savings tools, large purchase calculators, or even virtual assistants to assist customers in determining what splurges they can truly afford, all through the convenience of an app.
  • The most useful features are typically those that assist you in performing basic daily banking transactions.
  • Over the past year, mobile check deposit, for example, has been the most valuable feature to those who use their primary bank’s mobile app. Viewing statements and account balances, transferring funds, and paying bills were also near the top of the list.
  1. Better and enhanced security
  • Of course, threats exist everywhere, including inside the bank branch. Fortunately, many banks make it simple to take additional security measures. Your bank, for example, may permit you to add multi-factor authentication to your mobile app and online banking account.
  • Many mobile banking apps now allow you to log in using biometric authentication. For example, Hong Leong Bank’s app offers three biometric login options: fingerprint, voiceprint, and facial recognition. Your bank may also automatically scan for certain risks. If Hong Leong Bank detects a login from an unknown device, it will request additional verification.
  • Overall, digital banking may be more secure than you think.
open new account for internet banking malaysia
  1. Benefits beyond banking
  • Digital banking provides a slew of important benefits for consumers that can make their lives easier and make them better stewards of their money. On a much larger scale, he believes we can use our society’s newly discovered connectivity to effect financial, social, and economic change.
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