The ERP’s setting is seldom a time-consuming chore with SAP Business, it happens in a relatively short period of time. In 15 days, you will be able to create a new branch and activate the ERP. This results in a very rapid delivery of SAP services.

Users should be trained and supported.

Beyond the setup of the instrument, the individuals who will be using it on a regular basis must be diligently trained and directed in their usage of the tool. For example, they will be required to input their information into the solution. Choosing the SAP Ariba Partner Malaysia would be the perfect deal here.

Plan a thorough training programme for your teams in order to effectively include them. It is important to note that it is unusual for a management system to be fully understood and utilised by all of the group’s users in less than three months. In order to succeed, you will need to adapt to the subsidiaries’ demands as well as enhance your ongoing education. Continue in logic of test and learn as you go along.

As an integrator, we offer to teach you and to provide you with standard training programs that are tailored to the profiles of the trainees and that follow standard training schedules, as well as customised training programs. The training platform (e-learning) that we give to our clients is used for this purpose. This enables your staff to save time while also becoming more familiar with the typical procedures that may be carried out on SAP Business By Design platforms. It will be your central team who will be responsible for providing tailored training in conjunction with your internal organisation for your custom-made procedures.

Take over the info that already exists

If your firm already has an information system or an enterprise resource planning system, you will need to move your data to the new ERP system that will be implemented worldwide.

You will create a mapping with the help of an ERP integrator: this information must now be integrated in SAP. In order to establish correspondences between the old and new systems, it will be necessary to conduct a comparison between the two. This phase may take a lengthy time if any of the following conditions exist:

The amount of information available is enormous.

Cleaning was not performed in the previous system (due to an update error, duplication, etc.).

It’s a significant amount of work to do before deployment. Professionals advise you on the best procedures to follow while cleaning your data at this stage.

In SAP ByD, there is a specialized data recovery engine that analyses the consistency of the data. This is good news for users. As a result, the migration procedure is extremely efficient. After that, you can either manage the data transfer on your own or enlist the help of professionals to do it for you.

Prepare your reports.

You require accurate indicators and dashboards for your worldwide presence in order to make choices and measure your progress toward your goals. Professionals then offer a report model that has been developed in collaboration with the project team, ensuring that the local team has a management model from the outset. 

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