antifoaming agent malaysia

Although the effect is spectacular, the procedure does not resolve the issue of recurrence in this case. This is why some individuals prefer a slow-acting facade defoamer over a fast-acting one. Although the final effect will not be visible for 5 to 6 weeks, the surface will be protected against numerous external aggressors and parasitic plants for an extended period of time after that. It is not essential to clean the surface since the parasite remains are readily removed from surfaces even two months after the procedure has been performed.

One litre of the product is adequate to clean up to 8 m2 of surface area, allowing it to perform at its best. Additionally, the usage of gloves and masks is required for safety reasons. From the antifoaming agent malaysia this is important.

Foam applied on the facade

Moss should be removed from terraces and outdoor flooring. Mosses may also be seen growing on decks and outdoor flooring. These surfaces are filthy and unsightly, and they ought to be brightened up. The terrace antifoam is specifically intended to eradicate parasitic plants from the terrace environment.

Despite the fact that it contains no acid nor solvent nor alkali and even less hazardous components, the terrace defoamer is capable of treating unattractive foams and cleaning up residues of pollution. This sort of liquid may be used on any form of support, including wood, concrete, ornamental external plaster, and other materials.

The Use of The Bristle Brush

Using a hard bristle brush, remove any intrusive foam that has accumulated in order to allow the defoamer to penetrate deeply and effectively. After that, a thorough sweep is performed to ensure that the terrace’s surface is thoroughly clean. Next, spray the anti-foam solution over the surface. It is vital to softly hydrate the terrace in order to do this, and to take care to keep other plants away from the terrace. The use of waterproof covers is also an option for keeping them safe.

Patio defoamer concentrate must be diluted with water before use. If you want a combination that is effective, you should dilute one litre of product in six litres of water. This amount is adequate to treat a surface area of up to 8 m2 in size.

When using a treatment that is both curative and preventative, it is no longer necessary to clean the surface after application.. The wind and rain will naturally clear the moss and pollution residues that have accumulated on the surface of the water. However, if the weather is not cooperative, a quick rinse with water might be performed.

Moss growing on a terrance

Interior defoamer, specifically designed for nickel interiors

The presence of mosses and lichens on indoor walls, particularly those that are not exposed to direct sunshine, may cause them to lose their sheen. It is mostly due to high humidity that this occurs. Interior walls should be thoroughly cleaned prior to repainting them.


Fungicide activity is suggested for ready-to-use interior defoamers. As a result, it effectively removes fungus and other undesirable plants from interior walls. It may be sprayed to the support by spraying it on top of the surface. To ensure the success of the procedure in this instance, a certain dosage must be taken into consideration. It is not required to clean the walls immediately after sanitising them. According to the directions for using the inside defoamer, it is important to wait a few days after applying the defoamer.

antifoaming agent malaysia
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