Thinking about what kind of roof that would save your money by lasting long on your roof? And hoping for roof maintenance that would not cost you a fortune but average pricing to just get it installed ? Let’s list down the types of roof that can be found in Malaysia.

  • Metal Roof/ Bumbung Besi
  • 5 Tile Clay Shingles
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Wood Shingles
  • 4 Slate Shingles

These are the most common types of roofs that are found across Malaysia. The important part here is that, as Malaysian we all should be aware of the weather conditions here that are not always certain. Malaysia’s weather can be changed from a quick sunny day into a windy storm situation. Therefore, choosing the right roof type is quite crucial in this situation. To answer the question above, my choice of roof would be the metal roof called bumbung besi in Malaysia. The bumbung besi aka metal roof is known for being less inexpensive that would not cost you a fortune. 

Bumbung Besi

The Benefits Of Bumbung Besi/ Metal Roof

There are so many benefits in having a metal roof being installed in your abode or buildings. So, allow me to list down some of the benefits of choosing bumbung besi as your choice of roof.

  1. Lasts long 

The metal roof/ bumbung besi is able to last long by surviving heavy winds, heavy rainfalls and many more. It is stated that the bumbung besi can last up to 40 to 50 years, this due to the fact that metal are pretty much resistant to everything, such as strong water, fire, and insects, therefore the longevity of this metal roof is pretty much secured.

Yet the important part that needs to be highlighted regarding bumbung besi is the longevity that influences the quality, workmanship and also climate changes that happen in Malaysia.

  1. Light weight.

Compared to other roof types out at the market, the bumbung besi is considered one of the lightweight roofs that would not cause any damage to your infrastructure. Hence, the weight of this bumbung besi also depends on the thickness of this roof.

  1. Fast Installation

Installing a metal roof is very easy and pretty much fast. One of the many reasons why it is being easy and fast to be installed is due to its lightweight feature, as mentioned above. Another part that contributes to this fast installation is the experiences of the contractor as well. A well expertized contractor would not have much of a hassle when it comes to installing bumbung besi.

  1. Doesn’t Not Catch Fire

Just to highlight, it is true that most of the bumbung besi are created through metalwork therefore there are fire resistant due to its added material in the process of creating it. But there are still chances of fire igniting from the bottom of the roof which can cost heat to the metal roof itself. 

  1. Great At Shading Rain Water

The bumbung besi is good at shedding rain water, since the surface provides a slippery motion for the rain water to flow by sealing the water away.

Bumbung Besi

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