Green roofs are what we like to call the eco-friendly queens of the roofing industry. It is both literally green as well as environmentally green as they are equipped with vegetation on waterproofed systems of the roof. Green roofs are far from being a new concept in today’s world. They are commonly implemented in tropical countries such as Malaysia.

These special types of roofs are an investment for our environment and also our home. They are said to be perfect for homes built in tropical areas such as Telok Panglima Garang and Kuala Lumpur. This form of strategized vegetative landscaping on the roof is both an aesthetic and an aid to fight against climate change. 

Having a green roof has a number of benefits. Whether you get extensive green roofs or intensive green roofs benefits are equally the same. Extensive type of green roofs, as the name suggests is extensive. Unlike the much more load-bearing intensive type of vegetative landscaping, extensive green roofs require lower maintenance and are much more tolerant. Intensive green roofs are what we consider more aesthetic and visually pleasing. The visual impact of lawns, meadows is certainly a treat to the aerial view. 

Telok Panglima Garang

There are two folds to the impact of green roofs on our home. It may be so much more expensive to buy or rent a home with intensive green roofs, nevertheless, the impact of it can help us decide whether we need one. 

The increased urbanness in areas like Telok Panglima Garang has limited the amount of greenery and its socio-economic impact and environmental impact. Climate change has now become a crucial factor to decide when purchasing and building a home. So let’s consider the impact of a green roof. 

A green roof’s physical impact considers for the heaviness and the work we have to do for it. A green roof is comparatively heavier as opposed to the traditional counterpart. You have to account for the number of people who will be on the green roof, the heaviness of the plants, ways to overcome any falling rain, snow, and debris, and the list goes on. Water damage also needs to be considered as green roofs accumulate a lot more water and holds them for a longer period of time. Without careful strategizing and planning of the roof, you may even have fatal damages and major leaking problems from the very expensive roof. It is no joke when we say that a green roof is an incredibly high maintenance. 

But is the work worth the view and its impact on the environment? It truly is. Many researchers have suggested that green roofs are responsible for reducing our energy costs by almost USD 200,000 in their lifespan. As much as we invest, we are also getting a high amount of benefits in return. It is important to make sure to go all-in when it comes to building a green roof. This is for the visually pleasing impact, and its ability to clean our air and make the world a healthier place to breathe. 

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