Sex toys has its own function and it is not just one. It does not only work for your sexual pleasure but will also play a big role in your psychological and physical health (if needed). Sex toys are often used to avoid getting sexual transmitted diseases as you will not have to do sexual intercourse with any human beings but instead you make use of the sexual tools to the fullest. It is also advisable to use sex toys such as dildo to help with vaginal disease which is also commonly known as MRKH syndrome. You see, not everything about sex toys is bad but for any reasons, you have to know how to handle your sex toys so that it will not bring harm to you.

In this article, I will share the basic tips that you should know when it comes to handling sex toys.

1.       Always clean your sex toys

Sexual toys are the things that you will have to insert into your private part (for both men and women) and that is very important that you are aware on when and how to clean your sex toys up. Usually, when you first bought the sex toys, you will be given the manual of how to use and clean the specific tools and make sure you know that different tools gave different ways to clean and how to use it. It is advisable that you clean your sex toys before and right after using it so there will be no bacteria and germs living on it. This is very important especially if you are sharing your tools with anyone else.

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2.       Find the credible company

Sex toys are something that you can commonly found on the internet and some stores but to find the trusted sex toys shop is not easy. You can choose for a cheaper price, but make sure that it is a quality product and will not give you any disease such as allergies and rashes. Nowadays, there are a lot of them that you can find online and you can go here for the most popular vibrator for women in Malaysia. Usually, the best tools will give you the best experience and are worth your money. It is fine to spend a generous amount on things that you will use frequently because you will not have to spend your money in years of using if you got the best sex toys in town.

3.       Avoid sharing your personal toys

Some people might think that you can share your sex toys if you manage to clean it properly bit truthfully speaking, there is no such thing as completely cleaned sex toys unless it is the new ones. Using a shared sex toys still gives you the risk of getting infected with any sexual transmitted diseases and that is why, not sharing your sex toys is the best thing you can do while using one. It can be both from you or risking you, there is nothing in between, so make sure you are not sharing your sex toys with anyone especially if that person has been living in a free sex life.

After all, you are the person who is responsible for your life, so make sure you don’t make any silly decisions that will risk your health. 


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