Each human has different ways of satisfying our needs, such as buying a pizza when craving it, or purchasing your favourite outfit when you see your favourite model wearing it. When it comes to pleasures, the sexual inclination span beyond the range and spectrum, and the things that might be pleasurable for a person might not be the same for the other individual. As imperative as it is to pleasure and satisfy the needs of men, the same goes for women as well to get to their pinnacle state during their intimate moments to encounter the crest of joy. Indeed in case, a lady is satisfactorily stimulated, the onus is still on her accomplice to assist her to reach the par. If you want to know a secret and a way to impress your love lady, well then what’s better than one way if there are two or maybe three ways to help your female partner. If you got the chance and what it takes to satisfy your loved ones then it’s better to go for it. It’s also a form of expressing and showing your love and also boosts the intimacy between you and your partner.

The Attention And Time

It is something very obvious and acceptable for us to accept that despite gender, we all want some attention from our loved ones. It may come to your surprise how circumstances may quickly change and transpire in a situation. When it comes to any kind of intimacy, you require to select the pleasing and impressive part instead of the short route. You should know that there is no such thing as a shortcut, especially in pleasuring your female partner. Your female partner usually takes 10 minutes up to 20 minutes to reach her fulfillments experience. So being patient and taking time instead of rushing things will be recommended.

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Creating A Safe Environment 

This may seem out of context, but did you know, 90% of women feel judged and ashamed of their intimate moments that they share with their male partners. Sex is not always picture-perfect, like what you see on those movies and adult videos, it can be a bit clumsy and messy in reality, and this is actually pretty common and logically. So by creating a safe environment for women allows them to express more and be more of themselves. Speaking of a safe environment, it is also important to ask for your women consents before doing anything, this is because it shows that you are respecting her and not just seeing her for intimacy’s sake.


Now let’s get to the fun part, any intimate moments that you’re sharing and creating with your partner has to be shared and agreed upon doing so. And when you are sharing your fantasy of sexual pleasure, make sure to listen and know your female partner’s forms of pleasure too. There’s nothing wrong with even trying new things. There are so many that you can start experimenting with your female partners, maybe you can try some sex toys as a start of experimenting, and if you are clueless to where you can access those tools, you can search SecretCherry, and there are plenty of sex toys there for your to choose from. Not only with objects, but you can also try in different and multiple positions to pleasure your women. The study says that women get orgasms in cowgirl position and leg on shoulder positions. Besides positions and toys, you can also experiment with your female partner’s fantasy by doing role plays.

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