In today’s world, laptops as well as PCs have made their way into homes and have become products that everyone will need to use. Whether it is when you need to create a PowerPoint slide to present a project or product result, when you need to do graphic design, or when you need to edit a video, a personal computer is a must. For Malaysian office workers, a PC is an important and indispensable thing in their work. In addition, if you are an experienced gamer who is keen on playing internet games such as DND, League of Legends, Dota, Genshin Impact, etc., a gaming PC is also a must for you. However, apart from personal computers and gaming PCs, there is another type of PC that is rarely known in the current computer industry. In the following article, I will introduce the information about Advantech industrial PC Malaysia.

About Advantech Industrial PC Malaysia

The reason why few people know about the Advantech industrial PC is that this type of PC is highly specialized and not suitable for everyday use by computer consumers. This type of PC is a microcontroller-based PC with integrated CPU, mainly used in industrial applications. It is more expensive. In addition, Advantech industrial PC has a higher standard of reliability and accuracy compared to ordinary PC. In terms of manufacturing procedures, industrial PCs are also completely different from those of ordinary PCs. Here are the main differences between Advantech industrial PCs and ordinary PCs.

Key Features of Advantech Industrial PC Malaysia

Currently, Advantech industrial PC Malaysia is mainly used for the following applications:

A wide range of applications in manufacturing plants, process control systems, and various industries
Operating entire systems, monitoring critical factors such as temperature or pressure
Controlling machinery and machine tools
Displaying important information about the product being built
Industrial data acquisition

Benefits of Advantech Industrial PC Malaysia

Compared to regular PCs, Advantech Industrial PC Malaysia has the following features and benefits

More rugged PC cases, mostly made of metal
Ability to withstand extreme weather and harsh working environments on the factory floor
Ability to withstand high temperatures from -20°C to 80°C
Longer sustained life
Hardware is easy to access and replace
Resistant to dust growth
Higher hardware processing power and memory capacity
Longer continuous operation time
Simple operating system that facilitates productivity

About Xyreon

If you are looking for Advantech industrial PC Malaysia for your industrial business, then Xyreon can be a best choice! Xyreon is the leading Kiosk manufacturer in Malaysia and also sells with years of exploration and experience in the technology industry, Xyreon has the most advanced technical knowledge in the industry and the best control over product quality. When you buy an Advantech industrial PC through Xyreon for your industrial business, you can be absolutely sure of the quality of the product! If you need a reliable Advantech industrial PC Malaysia, don’t be feel hesitate, contact Xyreon now!

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