First timer and have no idea what to do during sex? This is a common reaction to anyone, especially to those who have experienced it over and over and over in their life. Why? Because different people have their own taste likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. If you are wondering on how to know what works for you best then, stay tuned in this article as we are going to dish about the things you should keep on your mind during your first time.

Get An Adult Toy

This might come as a surprise, but I know what you are doing with your hands down there, but instead of using your hands where most of the germs are lingering, by having close contact to your intimate part, the use of adult toys is way more easier and convenient. It is okay if you have started to feel the rummaging hormones that is rushing in your body that makes you horny every time when you come face to face with things which might trigger your sexual arousal. Yet the convenience in having adult toys will help to get to know yourself more. You will be able to discover yourself with the help of these sex toys you might called as dildo, vibrators, cock rings, penis vibrators and many more. If you are a feeling horny and have no idea to find your ideal sex toys then try to view adult dildo in Malaysia here at Secret Cherry, which have a lot more option to provide to you.

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Talk To Your Partner

Communication is everything in a relationship, and the same goes for sex life as well. Lack of communication with one and other will result in having not a happy sex. This will not only cause you pain but it will also cause some problems with your partner as they would be labeled as satisfying themselves only. In addition this act would not only affect your relationship, but it can also potentially affect your mental well being. With that being said, it is important to let your partner to know how you want to have sex with them. The more communication that takes place in a relationship will result in a better understanding regarding both parties of their personal preferences. 

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One Step At A Time

This is another crucial step if you are a first timer, do not jump into a conclusion by going to have sex with someone that you barely even know, or might have known, when you are in journey in discovering yourself. To further illustrate it more, always do keep in your mind, sex doesn’t work as it works in a movie or pornography, those act are rehearsed and directed. A real sex would not be like, but it will mostly be both parties trying to work together in achieving their goals in reaching the climax. If you are someone who is very new to this, then let your partner know about it, take it slow in the bed, save your important moment for another day, just try to enjoy yourself with your partner by not having any sex with them. Try to be vulnerable with them as this action will bring you one step closer to getting what you want in a good way.

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Lastly, if you are someone who is looking forward in facing the real sex life, try to follow the tips that have been mentioned above to get the best experience out of it!

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